Florence Leclerc International Artist in Oriental Dance

Florence Leclerc is an international artist in oriental dance. She is based in Montreal, but she travels often around the world for her art.

In this field, she is one of the rising stars. I made her website : graphic design and coding. Also, I create visuals as needed and I assist her in her photoshoots.

signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-florencedanse-0 signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-florencedanse-1dam-damlong-chantha-florence-homepage

Nestle’s “Daily Dose of Decadence” Campaign

Nestlé invited visual artists worldwide to bring to life Coffee-mate’s new Chocolate Boutique “Daily Dose of Decadence” flavors.

The idea for my poster was to create an image that was about excessive self-indulgence and rejuvenation. I wanted a visual that expresses joy, desire and regeneration.

Damlong-Chantha-Coffee-Mate-Contest Damlong-Chantha-Coffee-Mate-Contest

Xi-Design Street Art Design Contest

Xi-Design puts murals on facades, houses and gable walls all over Germany as hand-drawn advertising messages for innovative brands. Xi-Design invited artists from around the world to design a mural inspired by the theme: “If walls could talk.”. The wall is located in a historic site in former East Berlin.

For this street artwork, I wanted to work around the famous quote “Make love, not war.” Looking at today’s international news, I felt like it was a great opportunity to send a message of love and peace.

Xi-Design-Mural-Art-Contest-Damlong-Chantha-HeaderXi-Design-Mural-Art-Contest-Damlong-Chantha-Art Xi-Design-Mural-Art-Contest-Damlong-Chantha-Preview

Boden’s Promotional Campaign

UK fashion retailer Boden invited artists from around the world to create a completely original digital front cover for their Summer 2016 catalogue.

I created a fresh and dynamic cover for Boden’s Summer 2016 catalogue. To make it relevant to the digital age, I included icons that look like emojis. This artwork celebrates the freedom and the excitement of the summertime!


X-Men Apocalypse’s Promotional Campaign

To celebrate the release of X-Men: Apocalypse, 20th Century Fox invited artists, animators and GIF artists from around the world to create an animated artwork inspired by the film’s battle between the X-Men and Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen.

This is my artwork for X-Men: Apocalypse. The general mood is inspired by “The calm before the storm”; the main imagery is about a burning world being destroyed by war. The focus is on the most instantly recognizable characters and Apocalypse with his four horsemen. I drew the characters so that they are appealing to new and longtime fans.

Jarryd James’ “This Love” Animated Artwork

Having released a number of new tracks in 2015, Jarryd James invited filmmakers, artists and graphic designers from around the world to create short videos inspired by his lyrics and his songs.

I interpreted the song “This Time” by Jarryd James as a burning torch. The song is tinted by sadness and lost. I illustraded love as a flame. Sadness and lost are represented by the fire and the darkness. The love burns away in a shadowy and blurred environment. Nevertheless, I wanted to give hope and light. My artwork also tells the story of a new love rising gently from the ashes as a delicate flower.

Desiigner’s Panda Promotional Campaign

Universal Music Group invited filmmakers and animators from around the world to create an engaging 6-second video inspired by hip hop artist Desiigner’s track “Panda”.

For this animated artwork, I took inspiration from the raw story of the song. I created something brutal and violent like the lyrics, yet it has a playful “panda cartoon” feel to it. I included the title and key lyrics as hashtags.