Music Video for “Faded” by Marc E Bassy

To bring his new music to life, Marc E. Bassy invited filmmakers and animators from around the world to create a lyric video for one of two of his latest tracks in 2015.

This musical artwork is a lyric video for “Faded” by Marc E Bassy. As requested, the main visual reference is Marc E Bassy’s current aesthetic inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. In this video, I wanted to push further Marc’s reference to the art world. I used Roy Lichtenstein’s Ben-Day dots, Andy Warhol’s bold colors and Stephen Sprouse’s graffiti signature. I also wanted to recreate the feeling of being “Faded” and dazed. The objective was to have a video that looked groggy and disoriented.

Johnny Stimson’s Promotional Campaign

For the release of his EP, Johnny Stimson’s shared his single “You Can’t Save Me”. He invited visual artists from around the world to create short videos and animated GIFs inspired by the song and its lyrics.

I wanted to bring out the darker side of the lyrics. Death and love are being contrasted in this artwork. This project was also about creating a character for Johnny Stimson.

Music Video for “Rock Bottom” by Hailee Steinfeld

To celebrate the release of Hailee Steinfeld’s EP HAIZ, filmmakers, motion artists, designers and animators from around the world were invited to select one of the tracks and create a video that visually captures the mood of the music.

This visual artwork is for the song “Rock Bottom” by Hailee Steinfeld. I created a video that visually captures the mood of the music. I wanted something red. Red, the color of love and hate, life and death. The visualizer is synchronized to the lyrics and to the main beats of the song. The final artwork is abstract, poetic and powerful.

Revamp of Altitude Sports’ Blog

Altitude Sports is the first online outdoor retailer in Canada. This business based in Montreal sells its high end outdoor products around the world. Altitude Sports’ blog is a reference: outdoor gear and sport equipment.

I work on the revamp of the blog. It needed to be entirely updated. With the marketing team, a new design was produced. I coded the new blog from A to Z.