“Vos 1ers Congés Tout Payés” Contest

1st Price : “Vos 1ers Congés Tout Payés” Contest

Design Contest of a Digital Launch of «Que sais-je ? Le Web Marketing».

MRM Paris (McCann Group) and Reprise Media (MediaBrands Group) helded a contest for a digital launch. The challenge was to design a 2.0 promotional campaign for the new book “Que sais-je ? Le Web Marketing”. Teamed with Chloé Carreras, we created a strategy using social media, augmented reality and gaming. We won the first prize and we enjoyed a nice trip to Greece.


Kellogg’s France

Kellogg Company is as multinational American food manufacturing company.

I was the project manager for the Kellogg’s France website. I was responsible for the updates : managing the promotions and the products, graphic design and web integration. I also also advised the client on their digital strategies.

signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-kelloggs signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-kelloggs-pages

Service Canada

“Service Canada is part of the Government of Canada. It is a wide service transformation initiative aimed at responding to Canadians’ expressed desire for better, more responsive, less cluttered service from Canadian governments.”

At Service Canada, I worked on an E-Learning platform. This multimedia tool aimed to help the training of officials through interactive content.


Hôtel Château Laurier And Hôtel Château Bellevue

The Hôtel Château Laurier and the Hôtel Château Bellevue are located in the heart of Quebec city.

I was the project manager for the two websites : Hôtel Château Laurier and Hôtel Château Bellevue. I was responsible for the updates and I advised the clients on their web strategies : managing the promotions, graphic design, web integration and newsletters.



Location Orléans

Location Orléans is a company in Quebec City. It rents office trailers, ISO shipping containers and other equipments.

I created a website for the client (graphic design and coding), a advertisement printed in several magazines and two promotional campaigns as distributed flyers. 




signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-locationorleans-flyer-2-1 signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-locationorleans-flyer-2 signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-locationorleans-flyer-1-1 signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-locationorleans-flyer-1

Step Skating Blades

Step Skating Blades is a Canadian based company dedicated to the design and manufacture of  high-end replacement steel. Recognized as the leader in the industry, Step is constantly seeking innovative technologies to deliver the best performing product.

We first worked on a new logo and a new graphic charter. As a project manager and a graphic designer, I then worked on the revamp of their website. After the launch, I managed the updates.

signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-step-skatessigned-dam-damlong-chantha-web-step-skates-page-2 signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-step-skates-page-1 signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-step-skates-homepage

JA Larue Inc.

Founded in 1973 by André Larue, Larue Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of snowblowers of all categories.

At first, I was in charge of updating their old website : updating the products, graphic design and web integration. Then, I rethought their entire website. I created a new design for their new website. The coding was done by another team.

dam-damlong-chantha-design-web-project-jalarue-website dam-damlong-chantha-design-web-project-jalarue-page-2 dam-damlong-chantha-design-web-project-jalarue-page-1

Centre de Crise de Québec

The Centre de Crise of Quebec City is an organization that offers front-line specialized services in crisis intervention 24/7.

At first, we worked on a new logo and a new graphic charter. As a project manager and a graphic designer, I then worked on the revamp of their website. After the launch, I managed the updates.

signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-ccq-1 signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-ccq-pages

Florence Leclerc International Artist in Oriental Dance

Florence Leclerc is an international artist in oriental dance. She is based in Montreal, but she travels often around the world for her art.

In this field, she is one of the rising stars. I made her website : graphic design and coding. Also, I create visuals as needed and I assist her in her photoshoots.

signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-florencedanse-0 signed-dam-damlong-chantha-web-project-florencedanse-1dam-damlong-chantha-florence-homepage